Secret Garden

Secret Garden

Welcome to the secret seaside gardens of Blackpool, South Devon.

An unexpected, sub-tropical scene in a sensational South Devon setting.

A garden at work and play… Today’s restoration presents a garden married to the landscape. Not one filled with regimented ornamental flowerbeds, but a plantsman’s garden that reflects a family’s use of the land over the centuries and the social development of a small estate by a family rooted in the economy of the area. As recently as the 1970s, this garden regularly supplied vegetables and flowers to London’s markets.

A host of rare and unusual specimens, many from the Southern Hemisphere, have found a home here such as varieties of Leptospermums and Callistemons, Embothriums, Olearias and Pittosporums. These together with plants and shrubs from other parts of the world thrive in the garden’s southerly, coastal location, while at the same time enjoying the protection from salt-laden winds afforded them by the dense evergreen belt of trees that lines the coastal road.

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